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The study of how individuals, businesses, and governments manage their financial resources over time.

The study of finance examines how people, organizations, and governments manage their financial resources across time. A wide range of activities are included in the field of finance, such as banking, investment management, financial planning, and corporate finance.

Maximizing the value of financial resources, whether through investing in lucrative possibilities, controlling risk, or effectively distributing capital, is one of finance's main objectives. Risk and return must frequently be balanced, and other aspects like liquidity, cash flow, and asset pricing must also be taken into account.

Understanding financial institutions and markets, such as stock exchanges, bond markets, and other financial intermediaries, is another focus of finance. Making informed financial decisions requires the analysis of financial data and financial statements, as well as the use of mathematical models and statistical techniques.

As new financial products and technologies are developed, the finance industry is continually changing. For instance, there has been an increase in interest in financial innovation recently, including blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.