Generation X

MoneyBestPal Team
Generation who were born between the early to mid-1960s and the early to mid-1980s.

Gen X, also referred to as "Gen X," is the name given to the generation that came after the Baby Boomers and before the Millennials. Generation X is widely thought to include those who were born between the early to mid-1960s and the early to mid-1980s, however, there is considerable disagreement about the precise birth years that define this group.

Generation Xers are frequently described as autonomous and flexible due to the fact that they grew up at a time of significant social, technological, and economic upheaval. In comparison to earlier generations, they are also thought to be more distrustful of authorities and organizations and more open to adopting alternative lifestyles and career pathways.

Regarding their influence on the economy, Generation X is notable for being the first generation to do so at a time of considerable economic restructuring, which included the emergence of global competition, technological advancement, and the shift away from manufacturing-based industries. This has affected how they view work and career progression, with many Gen Xers placing a high value on career advancement possibilities, flexibility, and work-life balance.