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An intangible asset known as goodwill indicates the premium value of a company's reputation, brand recognition, customer connections, and other intangible elements that support its success. 

A firm creates goodwill when it buys another for a sum greater than the latter's identifiable assets and liabilities' fair market value.

For instance, if Company A buys Company B for $1 billion but only has $800 million in assets and liabilities, the remaining $200 million is regarded as goodwill. In the balance sheet, goodwill is listed as an asset that is periodically tested for impairment to make sure that its carrying value does not exceed its recoverable value.

A company's financial statements can be significantly impacted by goodwill, which is frequently a sizable portion of the purchase price in mergers and acquisitions. Yet, because goodwill is arbitrary and challenging to measure, it can also be a contentious topic. This could result in disparities in how different parties value it.

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