Government Bond

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Government bonds are a type of fixed-income instrument that are issued by a national government to raise money for public expenditures or to control the national debt. 

Given that the creditworthiness of the government issuing the bond serves as security, government bonds are regarded as low-risk investments.

Depending on the nation and the specific issuance, the terms of government bonds can change. While some government bonds are issued with fixed interest rates for a predetermined period of time, others are issued with variable interest rates or with interest payments that are inflation-indexed.

Typically, investors exchange government bonds on bond markets, where they can be purchased and sold. Government bond prices may alter in response to shifts in interest rates, inflation forecasts, and other economic variables.

Government bonds are an option for investors who want to diversify their portfolios, produce regular income, or safeguard their cash. Governments may also utilize government bonds to manage the national debt, finance public projects, or address economic difficulties.

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