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A holding company is a type of corporate entity that owns shares or other equity interests in other businesses but does not engage in the production of goods or services. A holding company's main goal is to own and manage its subsidiaries, which may operate in different markets and industries.

Large firms frequently employ holding companies to manage their assets, operations, and subsidiaries in a more streamlined and effective manner. A holding company can improve decision-making procedures, lower administrative expenses, and offer more financial flexibility by centralizing ownership and control of its subsidiaries.

A holding company may retain securities of its subsidiaries as well as offer them a range of support services, including financial, legal, and administrative ones. Although its subsidiaries are run by their own boards of directors and executive teams, the holding company is not involved in their daily operations.

The ability to offer a certain amount of protection to the business's owners is one of a holding company's key benefits. The shareholders of the holding company can be shielded from any potential liabilities that may result from the operations of those subsidiaries since the holding company has shares in other businesses. In fields where the creation or selling of goods or services entails sizable risks, this can be especially crucial.

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