Homeowners Association

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A homeowners association (HOA) is a group of property owners who look after the common areas and services in a particularly complex or residential community. Normally, the HOA is in charge of collecting dues and assessments from members, maintaining common facilities like tennis courts, swimming pools, and clubhouses, and enforcing the community's rules and regulations.

All property owners in the neighborhood are often required to join the HOA, and membership dues go toward supporting the association's operations. A board of directors is typically in charge of the HOA and is chosen by the association's participants. The board is in charge of making decisions regarding the community's budget, rules and laws, and maintenance and upkeep of common areas and services.

Although they can sometimes be found in typical single-family neighborhoods, homeowners organizations are more prevalent in planned communities like condominiums, townhomes, and gated communities. A few advantages of becoming a member of a HOA are higher property values, better care for amenities and common areas, and a sense of community and connection among residents. Nevertheless, there are possible disadvantages as well, such as limitations on how the property may be used and the have to abide by the HOA's rules and guidelines.

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