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As used in the context of finance, the term "income" refers to the cash that a person or corporation regularly receives, usually in return for giving goods or services, holding real estate or investments, or through a variety of passive income sources including rental income, dividends, or interest payments. 

The fundamental indicator of financial health is income, which is frequently used to assess creditworthiness or guide investment choices.

There are several different types of income, such as earned income, which comes from doing work or providing services, investment income, which comes from dividends, interest, and capital gains from the sale of assets, and passive income, which comes from things like rental properties, royalties, and other passive investment income sources.

Financial statements like income statements, which give a breakdown of revenue, expenses, and net income for a specific time period, are frequently used in the finance industry to report income. An individual or entity's income may be liable to income tax or other taxes depending on the source and quantity of money obtained. This means that an individual's or an entity's income may also have tax repercussions.

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