Karl Marx

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One of the most influential figures in modern history and is best known for his critiques of capitalism and his advocacy for socialism.
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From 1818 until 1883, Karl Marx, a German philosopher, economist, historian, and socialist revolutionary, lived. Known for his criticisms of capitalism and support for socialism, he is acknowledged as one of the most influential individuals in contemporary history.

Marx's theories on politics and economics were based on a materialist theory of history, which holds that social and economic conditions have an impact on the course of human history. He held the opinion that socialism, a system in which the working class controls the means of production, will inevitably replace capitalism, which he defined as a system founded on the exploitation of the working class by the capitalist class.

Marx's political and economic theories have had a significant influence on both academic circles and political organizations. Political movements and parties all over the world have been influenced by Marxist theories, which have been used to study a variety of social phenomena, from labor markets to political revolutions.

Marx's work continues to play a significant role in the intellectual tradition of both economics and political theory, despite the fact that his theories have faced significant criticism and revision over the years.