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In the world of finance, a kiosk is a little, independent building that frequently stands in busy places like shopping malls, airports, or train stations and provides a constrained selection of products or services. 

Small businesses and independent sellers frequently run kiosks, which can be a cost-effective way for them to reach clients without having to pay for a complete retail presence.

In addition to offering services like ticket sales, photo printing, and ATM access, kiosks can be used to sell a variety of goods like food and beverages, phone accessories, and souvenirs. They frequently have a compact form and may include basic technology, including a touch screen, cash register, or card reader.

Technology advancements in recent years have made kiosks increasingly intelligent and adaptable. To personalize the user experience, some kiosks now offer facial recognition technology, while others may dispense prescription drugs or offer virtual medical consultations.

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