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The prefixes "Ltd." or "Limited" in a company name signify that it is a private limited corporation. In other words, it is a legal structure in which a shareholder's or member's liability is restricted to the amount they invested in the business.

Many nations have laws requiring the use of "Ltd." or "Limited," which are often placed to the end of a company's name to denote that it is a limited liability corporation. For instance, "XYZ Ltd." is a limited liability company, which means that its owners are only personally responsible for the amount they put in the business.

A private limited company has a number of benefits in addition to restricting the liability of its shareholders, including the capacity to raise capital through the issuance of shares, the simplicity of transferable ownership, and the business's permanent existence independent of changes in ownership.

Investors and other stakeholders should take into account if a company's name contains the words "Ltd." or "Limited," as this indicates the company's legal structure and potential liabilities. Also, it is crucial for regulatory purposes because limited liability firms are subject to different laws and rules than other business structures like sole proprietorships or partnerships.

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