Not for Profit

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The phrase "not-for-profit" describes a particular kind of organization that pursues a social or community benefit as opposed to making a profit for its owners or shareholders. Sometimes referred to as "nonprofits" or "charities," not-for-profit organizations encompass a wide variety of organizations, including educational institutions, hospitals, religious institutions, social service providers, and artistic institutions.

The taxation of income and assets is normally free from for not-for-profit organizations, who may also be given preferential treatment by the legislation. Not-for-profit organizations must abide by stringent rules about how they conduct their business and manage their finances in exchange for these advantages. These rules include the disclosure of financial data and the exclusive use of resources for charitable causes.

The fact that not-for-profit organizations are not allowed to give away their earnings or assets to people or groups who are not directly associated with their charity endeavors is a significant characteristic of these organizations. Rather, any extra money must be used to further the objective of the organization or set aside for later.

A board of directors or trustees is normally in charge of managing the management and governance of not-for-profit organizations. They are in charge of establishing policies, managing the organization's finances, and making sure that the actions of the organization are in line with its mission. In addition to using volunteers to assist with their tasks, not-for-profit organizations may also raise money by doing advocacy work and engaging in fundraisers.

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