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An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a business that creates parts or finished goods that are incorporated into the product offerings of other businesses. Usually, the OEM creates the parts or goods that the client specifies, which are subsequently incorporated by the client into their own products. With the production of specialist components being outsourced to the OEM, the customer is free to concentrate on their core strengths.

To build different parts for their vehicles, such as engines, gearboxes, and electronic systems, an automobile manufacturer can, for instance, use OEMs. The automaker would then assemble the finished product using the components that the OEMs had designed and produced, all in accordance with their exact specifications.

OEMs may also create finished goods that are marketed under the trademark of another business. For instance, a computer manufacturer might hire OEMs to create parts like keyboards, monitors, and hard drives. These parts are then combined into PCs and marketed under the firm's brand name.

OEMs can be found in a wide range of sectors, including the automobile, electronics, aerospace, and healthcare. These could be big international organizations or smaller specialist businesses that make parts for particular markets or uses.

OEMs are crucial players in the global supply chain because they offer specialized parts and knowledge that help other businesses make high-quality goods. Yet, they could encounter difficulties managing supply chain risks and upholding quality control, especially when dealing with several clients and suppliers spread over numerous geographical locations. Therefore, it is essential to manage OEM relationships and supply chains effectively to ensure the success of both the OEM and its clients.

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