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A prospectus is a document offered to potential investors by businesses and other issuers of securities. It provides comprehensive details about the securities being sold, the company or organization issuing them, and any dangers connected to investing in them.

The prospectus normally comprises a summary of the organization or corporation, together with information on its background, operations, financial standing, management, and any other elements that potential investors may need to be aware of in order to decide whether to invest or not. It also contains information regarding the securities that are being sold, such as the type of security, the quantity of shares or units that are being offered, the offering price, and any limitations or unique characteristics related to the securities.

For businesses looking to raise money from the public or list their securities on a stock exchange, publishing a prospectus is frequently a legal obligation. The prospectus's purpose is to give potential investors an accurate and complete picture of the investment opportunity and to assist them in making an informed investment decision.

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