TSA PreCheck

Moneybestpal Team
Image: Moneybestpal.com

TSA PreCheck is a program that enables qualified travelers to take advantage of accelerated security screening at American airports that participate in it. 

Members of TSA PreCheck are exempt from taking anything out of their carry-on luggage, including their shoes, belts, liquids, laptops, and other things. For frequent travelers, this saves time and effort and lessens the stress of traveling.

You must fill out an online application and make an appointment at one of the enrollment sites in order to sign up for TSA PreCheck. You will be required to provide your fingerprints, personal information, and legitimate identity documents. The membership is good for five years and there is a $85 application fee.

TSA PreCheck is not a promise of a quicker or less difficult screening. You must still abide by all security regulations and follow any instructions given by TSA personnel. Moreover, TSA PreCheck eligibility may be canceled at any moment due to security threats or criminal conduct.