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A nonprofit organization that advocates for the interests and well-being of older Americans.

The American Association of Retired People (AARP) is a nonprofit group that represents the needs and welfare of senior citizens in America. 

Also, AARP offers its members a range of goods and services, including savings, insurance, travel, and health programs. Financial competence, or the capacity to handle one's money well and make future plans, is one of the areas on which AARP concentrates.

AARP Foundation Finances 50+ SM

AARP Foundation Finances 50+ SM is one of the initiatives that AARP provides to aid people in enhancing their financial capacity. This three-part program addresses defining goals and a budget, managing credit and debt, creating a savings strategy, and safeguarding one's assets. The program aims to inspire and equip individuals to take control of their financial future and develop wise financial practices.

The program consists of sessions delivered by knowledgeable volunteers who enable engaging conversations and activities on a range of financial topics. A workbook is also provided to participants, which includes worksheets, advice, and resources to aid in applying what they have learned. Participants may also choose to receive one-on-one financial mentoring over the phone from a money mentor who may offer individualized advice and motivation.

AARP Money Map™

AARP Money Map™ is an additional tool the organization offers to assist people in managing their finances. This is a free online tool that assists users in coming up with a strategy to handle their most urgent financial difficulties, such as paying off debt, setting aside money for emergencies, or setting up a spending plan. A personalized action plan with stages and resources to support users in achieving their goals can be created for users by asking a few questions about their condition and ambitions. Users can also monitor their development and make any plan modifications.

AARP MoneyWise

AARP MoneyWise is the third tool that AARP provides to assist people with their financial concerns. On this website, you can find information about investing, saving, spending, retirement, taxes, and scams as well as articles, movies, podcasts, quizzes, and calculators. Also, the website offers a financial fitness test that evaluates users' knowledge and expertise in money management and offers feedback and suggestions.