Retained Earnings

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Retained earnings, as used in accounting and finance, refer to the percentage of a firm's net income that is retained by the company rather than distributed as dividends to shareholders. The company's equity, which represents the owners' claim to the company's assets, includes retained earnings. 

Dividends given to shareholders are subtracted from the company's net income to determine the retained earnings amount.

A corporation can employ retained earnings in a number of ways, including reinvesting in the enterprise, eliminating debt, or purchasing more businesses. Also, they provide money for potential dividends or share repurchases.

Because retained earnings are a company's cumulative profits and a reflection of its financial health and future prospects, they are significant. Strong retained earnings may result in a more solid financial situation for a company, allowing it to weather economic downturns or invest in new prospects.

A corporation may not be using its capital as effectively if it retains too many of its earnings, which could indicate to investors and result in lower stock prices. Businesses must find a balance between distributing dividends to shareholders and holding onto earnings for potential future growth.

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